Home Sweet Home!!


What a time I had out in Spain. It’s now my 5th year back out there in a row. I love it every year.  This blog may be a little off topic but I neeeeedddd to tell you about my holiday it was an amazing experience. I had to be up at 2:00am that’s right 2am in the morning I was WRECKED when got ready and got to the airport and onto the plane asap. We was in the air for quicker than we were supposed to be. We was supposed to be in the air for 2hrs hen we was in the air 1hr 30mins, so arrived at the hotel earlier than normal. When we was booking in I saw a little poster advertising something I instantly look to see what  it was and it was MANCHESTER UNITED vs FC BARCELONA but this was not ordinary game this was Legends. I am one of the biggest Man Utd supporters in my family along with my Nan so instantly we booked it and OMG!!! what an experienceIMG_3888.jpgThis is a picture at half time of the pitch

IMG_3900.jpgGuesssssss Whooooooo????? 

That’s it the one the only the legend himself Mr Ronaldinho !!!!!!!

I also saw many others but he was the main one as well as Rivaldo, Kliuvert, Dwight Yorke and Davids.


Holiday Feeling

I know you guys must be thinking that this post is nothing to do with my actual blog. I also am aware that I let you guys know in my last post that I will be going on holiday on Sunday and i’m sooo excited I thought I would talk to you guys incase you felt that  I haven’t posted in a week I will be posting when I am back.

I will be going to the wonderful Spain or as they say Espanol, I will be staying in a luxury 4 star hotel called the Golden Donaire.

I promise to post as soon as I am back.

See you soon

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Yesterday, temperatures shot up to the highest of this year.   So me being my fishing self decided to go for a walk down the Thames in Windsor, due to the weather it was very hot so I didn’t really want to be out in the heat for too long……  I was fishing for a different type of fish unlike my cats and my carp, I was fishing for pike and perch.  Unfortunately after fishing for 4 hours I was gutted to have caught nothing.

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I will be going to Spain Sunday so may not be recent post as it has been.

Cup Final Day

It was that day. The day when my football career could become something else. It was the day of the cup final, the biggest cup in the league, as all teams from all divisions 1-5 entered. We were up against the team that had beaten us twice in the league: the first time was at their ground and the score was 2-0, and the second time was at our ground where they beat us 3-0. We felt as though we were the team that wanted to win more for revenge. We got there and went straight into the changing rooms and got our kits on and sat down for a quick team talk before heading out to the pitch to start training. We trained for about 20 mins then came back in for the chat before the game and sat, waiting for the buzzer to head for the tunnel. The buzzer went off and we walked towards the tunnel. We walked out and got into line.

We got into positions and waited for the whistle to blow. Once it blew then we started with a Chalfont Wasp KO which was us. After about 20 mins into the game, an attack broke from Dynamos and with our luck they scored off it 0-1. But we still carried on after playing still, and another attack broke from Downley and they made it 0-2. I’d had enough so I told the boys to get their heads up and we got a corner and I leaped and won the header 1-2. Half time. The boys came out and a silly deflection made it 1-3. In the last 5 mins we scored making it 2-3. What a game! We collected our medals and made our way home. It was horrible, especially as we felt we should have won.

Loving Fishing

hello guys how’s everyone doing and what you guys up to on this lovely day today. Well this weekend just like last weekend i went fishing again and it was a good trip once again as we didn’t blank which was a massive boost for me and my fishing career. It was another amazing 24 hours that i love every minute of, especially as there was a bit of a twist today this time we decided to try somewhere were i pretty much call home i have finished there for over 6 years now and i never miss going back, and it’s a bonus when we go and don’t blank.

Going back there after 3 months was amazing as it had developed massively in the way that the trees were cut down and look at neat in each of the swims and each swim had been done up to a much higher standard than what that were, this amazing and spectacular place that i call home is called Thorny Wier and The Mets. it was amazing to not blank there and catching a lovely common carp there was amazing to play as well!!!

can’t wait to go on my next trip and for all you fishermen out there ‘Tight Lines’ lads

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Friday’s Fishing

Last weekend on the 26th of May I had a mad weekend away fishing. I decided today I wanted a mixture of fish, I was hoping to either be catching my PB for Catfish and I was hoping to have a even more amazing time catching my personal best catch of carp.

I decided to go to the a place that I feel confident in catching fish because my recent PB of 11 pound 12 ounces was caught from lake 1, this place I love being at is called Pondwood. When I was at Pondwood it was about £30 pounds to fish and luckily my favourite swim was open so I jumped in that and at about 8:00pm I was chilling out with my Mountain Dew when all of a sudden my alarm absolutely went on a mad one I leaped up and struck the rod, as I stuck it I felt the tension of the fish I landed the fish as quick as I could. Once the fish was on the water and weighting mat I waited for the fishes size. WOW it was my new PB Carp at 16 pounds 11 ounces. 

carrying on with the night it got to about midnight it had been quite fish wise for the past 4 hours, so in myself was feeling as though my fishing had come to an end. When suddenly out of nowhere the alarm buzzed again and I pulled in a stopper of a catfish what was also my NEW PB at 15 pounds 14 ounces.

IMG_3697.jpgMe holding my PB of catfish 

What a night of fishing I had with 3 carp from the range of 10 pounds- 16 pound and 4 catfish at the range of 7 pound to 15 pounds 

First blog post

My opinion on Football

Hi Guys this is my first blog post so please forgive me if it isn’t up to scratch. I will be talking to you guys about my opinion on football. I have always had a passion for football and since the age of 5 becoming a professional footballer and being watched on TV was my dream. At the ages of 12 i thought i was going to have lost all my dreams as i picked up a couple of major injuries in my knees. This was a heart-breaking thing for because due to medical problems and issues my dream could have come to an end… 

luckily all was ok and within 365 days, a year, i was back doing the thing i love playing Sunday League Football. I find football an amazing sport and love playing it as i bet many other people do. i have a great passion for it and show a lot of dedication towards it. i am still playing football now as you will get to know as i’m hoping to post regularly about my football matches and giving you guys a chance to hear about my footy. personally I recommend football to others as it is a fun and enjoyable sport. 

Whats your opinion on football?