Home Sweet Home!!


What a time I had out in Spain. It’s now my 5th year back out there in a row. I love it every year.  This blog may be a little off topic but I neeeeedddd to tell you about my holiday it was an amazing experience. I had to be up at 2:00am that’s right 2am in the morning I was WRECKED when got ready and got to the airport and onto the plane asap. We was in the air for quicker than we were supposed to be. We was supposed to be in the air for 2hrs hen we was in the air 1hr 30mins, so arrived at the hotel earlier than normal. When we was booking in I saw a little poster advertising something I instantly look to see what  it was and it was MANCHESTER UNITED vs FC BARCELONA but this was not ordinary game this was Legends. I am one of the biggest Man Utd supporters in my family along with my Nan so instantly we booked it and OMG!!! what an experienceIMG_3888.jpgThis is a picture at half time of the pitch

IMG_3900.jpgGuesssssss Whooooooo????? 

That’s it the one the only the legend himself Mr Ronaldinho !!!!!!!

I also saw many others but he was the main one as well as Rivaldo, Kliuvert, Dwight Yorke and Davids.


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