Friday’s Fishing

Last weekend on the 26th of May I had a mad weekend away fishing. I decided today I wanted a mixture of fish, I was hoping to either be catching my PB for Catfish and I was hoping to have a even more amazing time catching my personal best catch of carp.

I decided to go to the a place that I feel confident in catching fish because my recent PB of 11 pound 12 ounces was caught from lake 1, this place I love being at is called Pondwood. When I was at Pondwood it was about £30 pounds to fish and luckily my favourite swim was open so I jumped in that and at about 8:00pm I was chilling out with my Mountain Dew when all of a sudden my alarm absolutely went on a mad one I leaped up and struck the rod, as I stuck it I felt the tension of the fish I landed the fish as quick as I could. Once the fish was on the water and weighting mat I waited for the fishes size. WOW it was my new PB Carp at 16 pounds 11 ounces. 

carrying on with the night it got to about midnight it had been quite fish wise for the past 4 hours, so in myself was feeling as though my fishing had come to an end. When suddenly out of nowhere the alarm buzzed again and I pulled in a stopper of a catfish what was also my NEW PB at 15 pounds 14 ounces.

IMG_3697.jpgMe holding my PB of catfish 

What a night of fishing I had with 3 carp from the range of 10 pounds- 16 pound and 4 catfish at the range of 7 pound to 15 pounds 


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